Oil Cleansing Method

Since I have a photoshoot (yes, someone actually wants to photograph me as a model) I decided I needed to take care of my skin and lips. My skin was pinple ridden and red while my lips are flaky. I tried the Oil Cleansing Method which is where, for my skin type that is prone to acne and dry, I take 3:1 ratio of castor oil and olive oil.
First, I get  my oil ready and then I open my pores by pressing a hot rag to my face. After that, I run the oil mixture into my face for a minute in circles. Then I take a steaming rag and place it over my face for about a minute, maybe two. After all that, I wipe off the oil and put Jojoba oil on as a moisturizer.

Here is me the first day:



And here is me today 




This stuff is amazing. I have heard about OCM but have been wary of it. My skin is flaky, oily, and dry. Why would I want something like castor oil on my face because I once put it in my hair and it was a mess. However, this stuff works! So does the fabulous olive oil and sugar lip scrub from Pinterest! 

If you had my problems– nothing worked–I suggest you try to OSM. 


Today would have been a normal day if it wasn’t for a back spasm. Last semester I injured my back carrying too many books while running up a hill. It didn’t help the matter that I wasn’t wearing my proper tennis shoes that correct my foot pronation. I’m in a stretching class to help it but I am not sure if it is helping. 
This past week I did a lot of volunteer photographing for my mother. I took about 1,100 photos and I still need to go through and edit them. I’m considering two things to get after doing this and those things are a 35mm f/1.8 lens as well as a external flash. Right now I have a D7000. 


I used to be the kind of writer that would air my dirty laundry whenever I had any but I’ve changed. I’m not entirely sure when and how it happened. Now, I hardly write on a public platform but instead in paper journals. I will often start to write about my day here and just stop because I don’t see the point. Who would want to read it?
As far as dirty laundry goes, I prefer keeping my thoughts to myself now and a new problem has arisen: worsening anxiety. Since I’ve stopped talking, my fears have gotten worse. My mind is a constant whirl of thoughts and I feel as if my head will explode.
The good thing is I’m starting to let go of things and people that were bad for me. Hurtful words don’t have the same effect on me as they used to. The harmful people I once had in my life I have finally let go and I never thought I would feel so peaceful. Before, it was beyond painful to even think of letting go of people and I couldn’t grasp letting go of words. I’m different now– I feel new and I feel able to write about the day-to-day things. The happy things. Tomorrow will mark a new chapter in my writing.