(Scintilla is Back!) Trippy.

This makes me very happy. Seriously, it does. I have been waiting like a creeper for it to return.
Much has happened since I last wrote. I finished my fall semester and I’m almost halfway finished with my second spring semester. I’ll be a sophomore by the summer.  A sophomore in college. I don’t know how to process the realization that I’ve gone from a little fifteen year-old (I felt old then, though) to who I am now. It’s strange because looking back at pictures, I don’t look different aside from my hair. I have changed and there is no doubt about that.

Since I wrote:
I’ve been through a couple of breakups. My firsts. Those were fun. Not.
I know a lot of Spanish.
I’ve made more friends. They actually want to hang out with me.
I can play bass, sing and the piano.
My drawing has improved like a bad-ass.
I’ve gotten skinnier.
Been through some serious trauma.
Started my comic The Crazies.
I’m almost a sophomore.
I got a haircut.
The band got a song recorded.
I’m driving and I’m a good driver. Seriously! My parents trust me with the nice car.
I’m allowed to get a job this summer.
Then I shall use the money for another tattoo.
I got a tattoo? I think I wrote about that.
I have a reputation for my photography.
The lead singer of Panic At The Disco says I have a beautiful voice.
I can sight-read like a boss.
I found more skeletons.
Mom is urging me to start selling them.
Mom thinks it would be a cool idea to get one of my own skeletons tattooed on me.
I get called attractive a lot. (Weird.)
I’m almost nineteen.