Through The Blur.

It has been a long time since I updated this blog. Not too much has happened. Finished my first semester of college and now I am enjoying my favorite season.

Reading back on what I wrote before this, to catch up on topics, I guess I should address how the war on emotion is going. Better than it was, to be quick. I told him my feelings, nothing happened, and I am almost over it entirely. Quick? I have experience in getting over things quickly. I know it isn’t healthy to foster depression and dragging the healing process would have done that. I needed to cut them. I had to let go. Anyone who has gone through this will agree that it is difficult but you have to do it to heal. By heal I mean not shutting down all of your emotions and actually facing them, no matter how badly it hurts. You may feel like your chest is rotting from the inside out but that feeling doesn’t last forever. I tell myself a lot. I am getting better. It doesn’t hurt to breathe now. I’m still at the point where life looks like this: