Scintillia: “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Ever since I started thinking about more seriously, I have become very unsure of “my dream.” I have goals, sure. What about the lifetime, though? It was not until I was watching a freaking Disney movie (Princess and the Frog) that it hit me. All I actually wanted was to love someone for everything that they are and to have that love returned. I know some of you snarks are probably thinking, “Well, not all of them. You’re not going to love their snoring when you have a headache,” guys, I am talking about deeper stuff. I want someone who will love me even with my horrid temper, the fact that I don’t look like a model—ever—or that I am slightly insane; if he can see past my families house, my race, and my body. If I find someone who will truly love me in spite of all that: I will return that love ten fold. I don’t need him to have a fancy ring, a fancy house, Italian model looks, lots of money, or to shower me with gifts. After the hell I’ve seen, being finally and genuinely loved by someone will be enough. That will be more than enough because if there is really someone who can genuinely love me for all that I am, and not, then I know that person will be for me.
That is why the song, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles reminds me of what I want most.

 I’ll give you all I’ve got to give
If you say you love me too
I may not have a lot to give
but what I’ve got I’ll give to you
For I don’t care too much for money
For money can’t buy me love   The Beatles. 


2 thoughts on “Scintillia: “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.”

  1. I don’t know why this hasn’t received more comments, it is really good. I have to say, I know exactly what you mean, finding that love will be enough to make everything that comes before it almost worth the wait. I hope you find it. Truly.

  2. This is just right. It really is. I mean, no one has a perfect relationship, but when you have that kind of love at the base of it… well, I just think that is what relationships are for. I love that you’ve realized this so early in life, and that you’re willing to return love tenfold.

    Someone is going to be very lucky when he finds you.

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