Thankful (Scintilla Day 2)

When did you realize you were an adult?

I haven’t really had that yet because I am not yet an adult. I would like to think of myself as an adult but deep down I know I am not. I know I am more mature than most kids my age, experience has shown me that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to act like an adult.


No one does it alone. Write a letter to your rescuer or mentor (be
it a person, book, film, record, anything). Share the way they lit up
your path.

Oh, boy. So many people to name and then you add books and music on top of that?

Well, let’s go with the person who brought me into this world: My mother. She has been there for me for everything. She has watched me go from little baby running around it diapers, topless, to a college student who wouldn’t dream of running around topless. She was the one who was there when I had to go to my therapy appointments and cheering me on during the getting into college process.

She has done a lot more for me than I have written and I am ever thankful to her for all that she has done.


One thought on “Thankful (Scintilla Day 2)

  1. When we were planning the prompts, it didn’t occur to us that someone who wasn’t actually an adult would be answering the prompts. I don’t know–maybe we figured that Scintilla would be too dorky for younger people. (We thought we would be lucky if 20-30 friends signed up.)

    And your mom–it does sound like she lit up your path just perfectly. (And she is probably relieved about the lack-of-toplessness thing.)

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