Picture Blog Post: When I am Sick

Being sick is fun, isn’t? No, it’s not. Especially when you are like me and you don’t get sick often but when you do, it is gnarly. What’s worse is when it is one of those kinds of viruses that hits suddenly. One moment you are fine and dandy

…. next moment you are infected with the apocalypse.

I have found out that when I am sick I lose most of my intelligence; I start to say weird things

and it’s as if I have turned into a drunken zombie. After these past two weeks, I now believe all Internet connecting devices should be withheld for me until I regain my brain. They weren’t withheld from me unfortunately and thus a week of embarrassing events resulted. Here I am thinking I am saying something funny when really I am just confusing the hell out people. It kind of resembled this,

I am lucky to have patient friends and family. Seriously. However, there was a day where I had some clarity to the embarrassment I was causing and tried abandoning the Internet for reading. That… was an entirely new experience because I got to read two books in one. The one my half-asleep-half-delirious self read and then what was actually on the page.
Also, what is the deal with the “I’m-going-to-eat-everything-hunger\get-that-out-of-my-face-or-I’ll-vomit” thing when you’re sick? It was either that I couldn’t even think about food without feeling dizzy or I’d suddenly want to eat everything and I’d be crazy hungry. Several times I nearly marched out of my bedroom in only my bottom underwear. However, I was saved by  my brain momentarily returning.

Now, I am not sick. I have climbed the Hill’o’Hell’n’Nasty. I have conquered the sickness. I’m glad I am not sick anymore because I think if I was sick any longer, I would have lost it.



Blog Post: The Plague is I and Photo’s

Today was some kind of awful because I am sick with nastiness. My throat hurts, I get dizzy, I’m perpetually exhausted and feel like I am going to puke. It might be a good idea to get away from the six-hundred dollar laptop that’s not mine or any expensive electrical object, mine or otherwise, but I am stubborn.

Math was almost hell. Almost because I had Throat Coat tea which worked miracles and then because while working with mom on the imaginary numbers concept mom did something kind of silly. What happened was this: Moms ‘i” are curved so that they kind of look like lowercase ‘J’s and she just happened to put the curve on one backwards so it was touching the other. This was the result:

After I finished school, I tried to go to sleep but ended up downstairs taking pictures of the dogs with Sasha while talking to Mom and Sash. Here are some of the photo’s. (In order: Sasha with Baby, Baby, Chloe, Oscar.)


Boys are Missing Out –Weight Loss Celebration.

Today is the day that I am celebrating a years worth of work in the diet world. Over the course of a year, I have lost twenty-three pounds and kept it off. It’s been slow and on several occasions frustrating. It was worth it though. Last year I bought a egg-yolk-yellow dress that didn’t fit me well at all but I was determined that one day I would wear it and look great. I was also determined to lose my super round face.

I wanted to start looking like an adult. I am happier and more confident than I have been in a while. I didn’t really believe I had changed all that much until I looked at older photo’s of myself and until I put on the dress. I was finally able to look into the mirror and smile, truly smile.
It was a kind of relief I never thought I’d feel. All of those nasty little voices that told me I was fat, ugly, not worth anything seemed to fade. I was able to look at the photo’s and think, “Heh, I’m actually kind of pretty.” I was able to relax. Think about food. Wear tight clothes without worrying.

<– this photo I find kind of funny because it reminds me of a red carpet shot. You know, the one all of the female celebrities who have nice rears and legs do. The shoes are actually my sister, Sasha’s, shoes. They are 5 1/2 inches, meaning I am 6’3″ 1/2 in that photo. Heheheheh.

Anyway, here are some more photo’s. After this, I am going to go relax and be happy.